Danq Art Los Angeles

This studio provides colorful, unique, professional wall art and textiles made from re-purposed Hollywood posters.
We serve individuals, hotels, institutions and commercial properties and offer top delivery logistics globally.

  hotel lobby concierge desk 6 zebras hotel lobby
  Art in bulk guest room hotel art
  half elephant in stone guest room elephant textile
  Process and posters bulls ovr leather couches on colored glass strips
Always orignal. Copyright 2023 danqart studio 2469 Purdue Ave Studio 105 Los Angeles, CA 90064 213.296.5000 inquiry@danqart.com
  sewing machine and printed fabric for pillows hotel lobby art show in lobby
  our first art sale bull design 2
  bull design 1 convention art by entry doors
  textiles custom couch and silk pillows zebra collage
  Process of tiger art double hotel room with panther
  zebra projection and jokes DANQ